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February 08, 2007



Now that's a good example of fisking! Funny that Pollyanna is the subject of a lot of them, she is very fiskable.

We're seeing now the reluctant establishment facing up to the democratic new media world - and they really don't like it!


Good stuff James. Well done.


Nice fisking, James. Some clever points well made.


Super stuff, James. I've just come across your excellent commentary. Polly Toynbee needs to be shown up for who she is; a hypocritical chamapagne socialist stuck in the Bevan era.


The thing that really bugs me about Polly Toynbee’s exposé is the self satisfied way she insists that a columnist should provide “information gleaned from talking to the leading players in the case”, the very politicians who “who face the very difficult task of getting anything done”. All well and good but it smacks of cronyism. Ms Toynbee’s own commentary is fine because she can schmooze up to her friends in high places and tell the story they want her to broadcast. She refers to everyone else with a point of view as "overtly and strongly opinionated" and their reflections forming an "unmediated sound and fury" coming from "unknown sources with unknown intentions."

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