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January 26, 2007


Buenaventura Durutti

When Israel allows say half of the Palestinian refuges to return to within its 1967 borders (assuming that half originate from the occupied territories) and gives them the right to vote it will earn itself the right to be described as a liberal democracy.

Shane Greer

Whilst it remains under constant attack from Islamofacists it will reserve the right to defend itself.

Craig Mitchell

Once again thefisk.com shows that facts are irrelevant to any of it's discourse.

You will in fact find that Israel's neighbours and the Palestinians are under constant attack from Israel. I think you've not read much about what Avigdor Lieberman, deputy prime minister says (or maybe you have?? Would make sense)? Or that the Israel must be recognised, not only for it's right to exist (within unspecified borders - meaning Israel is anywhere it pleases) but also must be recognised as a “Jewish and democratic” state. Now a state can't be both Jewish and Democratic, just as it can't be Islamic and Democratic. Democracy doesn’t work like that, especially when large swathes of the population are not Jewish.

For further reading you should find anything by Alan Dershowitz who writes the kind of fiction that will help you to remain in your fantasy land and propogate your prejudices.


Just what is an Islamofascist, out of interest?

What's that? It's a handy one-size-fits-all term used to describe any Muslim terrorist, irrespective of the fact that fascism isn't their actual aim?

If you really want to get involved in a relavent discourse (and given your fairly dreadful writing I don't suggest you do), please try to stick to relevant arguments, instead of chucking around the term du jour. Doing otherwise cheapens the debate.

Anthony Broderick

Exactly what it says on the tin, I would have thought Dave.

Jeff Burke

I live in canada and I am Jewish and I do my best not to invest in anything or purchase anything that was made in England.

I refuse to go there and will never enter a Range Rover nor a Jaguar.

I know you all hate me.

jesus christ

what ignorant garbarge. equivocating and rationalizing palestinian suffering, while ignoring the root causes thereof, while assuming that everything began with palestinian terrorism, is the kind of thinking that is scorned in every other place in the world except for the united states of america.

jesus christ


apaches and hellfires= defense, while katyushas and AK-47s =terrorism, right??!

Salma Hayek

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