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January 27, 2007


Bishop Hill

Look, it's the BBC, OK?. It's propaganda, not news.


Why is he the BBC’s Business Editor again?

Membership of the Priesthood is only open to believers.


Peston is a f**king scumbag, lying, globalist, propagandist, he is way out of his depth and im fed up of seeing his ugly stupid mug on a news trailor lying to the idiotic bbc viewers about how he predicted the Northern Rock crisis and 'broke' the story, he didnt. He then claimed these economic crisis were a "headache."
Like F**K it is Peston! more like a Heart Attack, and real economists cant sleep due to fear, but not airhead pillock Peston.

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There’s certainly a gap between what serious people think and what Robert Peston thinks. Why is he the BBC’s Business Editor again? Anyone would think they didn’t want properly informed business commentary.

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Not only him should spreading the news, but other people who are involved in the media.

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